Who Can Do It?

In reflection over my last post, I’ve realized that I failed to mention another huge part of the realization my lack of participation in worship made me realize. God is worthy and I cannot give Him what He deserves. It doesn’t matter if you have one working arm or a hundred, as humans we simply cannot give Him what He deserves.

It isn’t something I am lacking solely because I cannot worship with the accompaniment of bass sounding music, but something we as a human race, as all creation, lacks. Sure we can sing Him pretty songs, help others, or even lead others to Him, but He is deserving of so much more.

This fact never came to me before, I don’t know if I’m just dense or if everyone is oblivious to the wonder of our God, but even when I served God with my whole heart and my whole healthy body, I could not give Him what He deserves.

If God did nothing, He would be worthy of praise beyond anything I can imagine.

This realization may give some the excuse that if we can’t do it all, we should do anything to worship Him, but that is so wrong. I will go on praising my God with my whole life, even if it causes me pain to do it because He is so worthy of my praise!

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  1. I really like the idea of this Amber. What a wonderful way to find some emotional peace in a time such as this. I’ll keep up with how things are going on your end…

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