Week 5: This Is My Serious Face

The change in Maigee from off-duty to on-duty is incredible and never ceases to amaze me.  Sure, she still has occasional moments when she messes up, but overall, her behavior is superb.  She can be so serious and yet her tail is usually wagging as she loves her job.  I thought a picture of her working would be appropriate to fit this week’s theme of “This is My Serious Face.”

I took my camera along on a doctor appointment and snapped a shot of her waiting patiently under my chair.  Her attention is off to the side, as she watches cars come and go from the parking lot.  Compare this to the snow play day pictures from a few weeks ago, and you can see the difference between “work mode” and “play mode.”

The person who was posting the topics for the 52 Weeks of Dogs challenge has left the forum where they were being posted, so unless I decide to just randomly take pictures, this will probably be my last post.

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