I’m now an official volunteer at the local humane society!  I went through the training and did my first hours of volunteering cleaning cat cages and then spending time playing with the cats.

This cat, Tinsel, insisted on patting me on the head the whole time I was cleaning pet rat cages (which is defienelty big enough for here and lets her move around better.) and the ones around her.  She didn’t want to be petted, she wanted to pet me!

This cat’s name is Mittens and I’m completely in love with her.  She is a polydactyl (has extra toes), something I’ve always loved and wanted.  She is also a gorgeous color, dilute or blue tabby.  The others at the shelter don’t like her because she is a bit sassy, but I think that makes her more fun!

This is the same shelter where I adopted Luie, Izzie, Jo, and Kamikaze!

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