Veggie Transplanting

I finally got my vegetables all planted.  The tomatoes and squash have been out for a week or so, and I just planted the eggplants today.  The tomatoes grew very tall and fairly spindly from being inside so long while I was waiting for the closing on the house, but they seem to be recovering.  The summer squash lost all of it’s leaves but is growing new ones so I still have hope for it.  The eggplants had some leaf burn from a very hot day in front of the glass window with too direct sunlight (I think this is what caused it) but seem to be doing fairly well too.

Because I planted these into ground that previously had grass growing and wasn’t the best soil, I dug holes larger than needed, filled the bottom with rabbit manure, then packed the area around it with compost/manure that I bought from Tractor Supply (no more Miracle Gro for me).  Hopefully this allows the soil to be richer than the topsoil that was originally there.

Sweet 100 Hybrid tomato, it lost the couple of blooms that it had, so no tomatoes right away, but soon it should have it’s own new blooms.  Some of the older leaves have turned yellow and are falling off, but it has plenty of new ones to replace them.

Pic’ N’ Pic’ Hybrid yellow summer squash is starting to get new growth.  The white on the leaves and the ground is from the diatomaceous earth that I scattered to try to kill the earwigs crawling all over.

Amana Orange Heritage tomato took a little harder hit from it’s transplanting, but it too is growing some new leaves to replace the ones that have yellowed.

One of my eggplants, freshly planted, this one appears to have gotten the worst sun damage, but now has some blooms, so I’m hoping it does okay.

The other eggplant’s leaves look healthier, but it doesn’t have any blooms yet, I’m hoping that just means it is just a later variety.  Because I planted seeds from a mix of 5 different varieties, I do not know for sure what variety either of my eggplants are – until they give me fruit!

And here are my plants all together, they line the east side of my carport, so they get part sun.  I will be selling the carport (there is also a garage, but it is currently full of boxes), so they will get full sun soon.  Someday, I’d like to make a row of square foot gardens along the concrete edge.

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