Under the Lights

My cabbage (below) and kale (above) are getting tall, and as I mentioned previously, they are outgrowing the clear plastic lid of the greenhouse.  I had hoped that the 25 plant greenhouse from Burpee would be here before I needed to move them, but it was clear that wasn’t going to happen.  So I stopped at the feed store and bought a second small greenhouse, identical to the first one.  I moved the kale and cabbage into this new greenhouse (now known as the “Growing Greenhouse”) and left the mystery flowers and the parsley in the original greenhouse (now known as the “Sprouting Greenhouse”).  This allows the unsprouted seeds to stay moist and the growing sprouts to not be crowded.

My mom has a larger hanging light set up in our basement for her early tomatoes (and other stuff, I think), so I stole a bit of space and put the Growing Greenhouse under the lights.  This is especially good because the kale is starting to get a wee bit leggy just growing by the window.  Hopefully the light will help with this!

I did the move last night, and when I peeked into the Sprouting Greenhouse this morning, what did I see, but a touch of green showing in one of the holes where I planted parsley!

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