Tyler Takes over Today’s Post

After smashing my left hand yesterday, it is difficult for me to type much.  So instead here are a bunch of shots of Tyler, some from yesterday some from today.  I was going to pick one or two for my photojournal, but really, he is too cute to pick out just a few.  Hopefully his adorable pictures and videos will give you a smile!

April 24
Tyler was seeing what I looked like with a mustache

A new scarf – sleeping kitten style!
Time for grooming
I really hope those eyes stay blue!
Interrupted during grooming
Caught between sleep and play
Time for a catnap
Tired from all that play
April 25
What is that?
I’m hunting…something!
Mouse thief!
Maigee joins the attack of the mouse while Tyler observes
Is it dead?
Hope this gave you a smile for today and hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. Hope he brings you much joy!!!! I have to say being home all day my dog scottie and my kitty Jamie bring me such joy, they bring me many smiles even through the pain. Nothing like the love ofan animal, they seem to know just when to snuggle!

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