Troubleshooting: Drooping Mum

I had an idea for a new type of post for me to post every week or so.  I’m going to call them “troubleshooting” and it will be a problem – either that I’m having or something that someone else has submitted.  Then my readers or followers on Twitter can give suggestions or recommendations for solving the problem and I will update the post with the answers.
My first post is actually a problem my mom is having.  She got this cute little basket with mums for her birthday a few weeks ago (the only picture I have of it healthy are the ones I took with the new baby pig).  Now my mom is notoriously bad at caring for houseplants, she tends to overwater.  She has a schedule for watering and waters the same amount every week regardless of the plant’s needs or wants.  Let’s just say she has a long-standing habit of being a houseplant killer.  She’s killed more cactus than I can count.

Her pretty little mum basket looked bright, cheery, and springy for a week or two, but within the past few days it has started to droop.  I checked the soil and it doesn’t feel extremely overwatered, but doesn’t feel dry at all either.  The stems seem too weak to hold the blooms up anymore and though they haven’t fallen off, they are wilting badly.  It is in our kitchen, so is at room temperature all the time.

What do you think?  Overwatered?  Underwatered?  Too small of a pot?  Too warm?  Too cold?  Any suggestions?

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