The First Seeds

I planted some parsley and cabbage seeds today in the new greenhouse I bought.  This is a small greenhouse from Burpee, and I plan to use it to sprout seeds.  I hope to find a larger one to move them to under lights after they’ve sprouted.
 I got seeds from a friend, I just couldn’t wait to start growing stuff.  I plan to put the parsley in pots outside for the summer, then inside for winter for year-round cavy and human food.  I hope to transplant the cabbage into a hot bed under a window for some early cabbage, also for humans and cavies.
 After I took pictures, I ended up planting another cabbage and moving them to the opposite end of the green house.  One of the coir pellets didn’t expand right (top right in above picture) and turned into a blob, but hopefully it will be okay.

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