The Last of the Photojournal

Today is the last day of April, and I must admit, I’ve enjoyed taking pictures to share a little bit of my life.  I discovered it is an easy way to show the fun things in my life, and to show that my life isn’t all about pain.  The photojournal allowed me to share the “day-to-day” life of living in spite of chronic pain.  And here are the last few photos, for now at least!
April 27: On the way home from a doctor’s appointment today, I stopped at a greenhouse which had this really neat variegated geranium.  I decided he needed to be added to my collection, and Tyler wanted to approve first.
April 28: My miniature rose bush is showing lots of buds, I’m hoping some are good enough to show in a few weeks for the spring garden show.
April 29: My friend Mallory gave me two amaryllis and the one is about to bloom, I’m not sure if it is the pink one or the red one, but we shall see soon!
April 30: Roxie and Tyler enjoying some inside play time.  Roxie enjoyed the chair as her little island away from Tyler, while Tyler found this to be a personal challenge tempting him to discover how to get up there to “attack” her.  Ironically, it was Tyler who did most of the “ferocious” acts toward Roxie, rather than the other way around.

Tyler Takes over Today’s Post

After smashing my left hand yesterday, it is difficult for me to type much.  So instead here are a bunch of shots of Tyler, some from yesterday some from today.  I was going to pick one or two for my photojournal, but really, he is too cute to pick out just a few.  Hopefully his adorable pictures and videos will give you a smile!

April 24
Tyler was seeing what I looked like with a mustache

A new scarf – sleeping kitten style!
Time for grooming
I really hope those eyes stay blue!
Interrupted during grooming
Caught between sleep and play
Time for a catnap
Tired from all that play
April 25
What is that?
I’m hunting…something!
Mouse thief!
Maigee joins the attack of the mouse while Tyler observes
Is it dead?
Hope this gave you a smile for today and hope you have a wonderful day!

Photojournal: April 20 – 23

April 21: Maigee got an exciting present in the mail from her friends Kellyn (human) and Charlie (GSD mix who is also a Service Dog).  It was a box full of home made treats, she loved them and even snuck a few more out of the box when I wasn’t looking.


April 22: My little pea plant is getting bigger!  It even has some tiny little curlicues which is what I like best about the pea plant.  In other news I found a picture on a recipe web site which made me consider eating peas again.  Unfortunately, I know I’ll only be disappointed once again, no matter how yummy they look, they still taste bad.


April 23: This is the project I was supposed to be working on when I sprained my ankle.  We had a digger-guy come over and he helped to lay a tile out of our house.  Rascal apparently decided he needed to observe the work and be sure all was going well.

And, just because I can’t resist, a video of my little Tyler having some fun outside.  Sorry about the audio, it was pretty windy!

Photojournal April 16 – 20

April 16: Fish are hard to photograph, but here are two of the fish who live in my room – Hope III (female Betta) and Tuberosity (the cory cat, aka Tubby).  I had to do a major cleaning of my fish tank because I noticed I had Planaria Worms, a non-parasitic worm that lives in fish tanks and feeds off the food remains.
April 17: Another part of the big cleaning project, my dad built new shelves in my closet.  I’ve been wanting these for a long time, so I’m pretty excited about them!
April 18: I had a bit of an accident falling down the steps out our back door.  Hurt my ankle which swelled up quite nicely.


April 19: Went to the doctor for an x-ray today since the foot was still very swollen and painful, turns out that it was just a sprain, no breaks.  But it is still very painful and I’ll be in a walker boot for a week at least.

April 20: This is a summary of my day, sleeping, reading, watching House, all with my foot propped up to reduce swelling and Tyler and Maigee looking on to be sure I am doing okay.

Photojournal April 10 – 15

April 10: Today was a sad day because Ike passed away; so, I will share one last shot of my little Ike.

April 11: Ike’s brother came to live with us, so here is a shot of the two of us together.  He was enjoying a nice nap, but when I grabbed the camera I woke him up and he decided to take a little stretch.


April 12: I’m undertaking a major cleaning project, today’s project was to tackle the windows, which surprisingly are supposed to be white and not grey-ish with black mold spots.  Above is before cleaning one and after the other was finished.
April 13: Daisy and Tyler hung out with me while I did some things on the computer, they were wrestling which soon went into a cleaning session.
April 14: After all the time that Tyler has spent inside, Roxie decided it was her turn, so she spent a few hours “helping” me continue my cleaning project.  Her “help” was to supervise while laying on my bed.
April 15: Maigee decided that hiding under the porch was a great idea, which would have been fine if it hadn’t been for the 50′ rope attached to her that didn’t maneuver under the deck quite so well.  After I pulled off her harness, I still had to release her harness and the rope which were just out of reach.  Laying on my stomach as far under the deck as I could get trying to reach the harness, the kittens decided that this was some great new game and thoroughly enjoyed it.