Week 3: Nap Time

This week’s theme was nearly as difficult, but for a very different reason than last week.  The theme was to catch a picture of your dog napping.  Though it sounds quite simple, it is difficult when you have a dog who pretty much wakes up any time you move.  She has to be very sound asleep to not hear me moving around to get a picture of her, so I’m making due with the closest thing I could get, a picture of her seconds after she heard me grab the camera and woke up.  Before this, she had her nose tucked neatly under her fluffy tail, making herself into an adorable ball.

Week 2: Portrait

I’m running behind on my photos for the week because I spent most of last week trying various Photoshop techniques to try to eliminate the creepy eyes that tend to show up when I take pictures of Maigee.  I finally got a picture for this week’s theme, which is to take a portrait of your dog, but I’m really not happy with it.

Bonus Pictures: Maigee and the Snow

Here is a bonus post of pictures because they don’t fit into this week’s photo challenge, but are just too cute not to share. I got some great action pictures with Maigee while we were out playing “snow ball.”  I use a bright colored whiffle ball because it usually stays on top of the snow instead of sinking in, making it easier for her to find, and the bright color make it easier for me to follow as well.

I put these in the order you might see watching Maigee and me play out in the snow.  You can tell they aren’t quite in the order taken, based on the amount of snow on her face.

Throw it! Throw it!
I’m gonna get you, ball!
I got it, ha ha!
What do you mean, I have snow on my face?

Week 1: This is My Dog

For 2013, I’m going to be participating in a 52 weeks of dogs photo challenge, which involves taking pictures of your dog each week.  Though you can sort of make up or use the rules you want, I’ve decided that my challenge will be to take the picture during that week (no reusing old pictures), and trying to stick to the theme as closely as possible.  I’m also going to try to use some of my photography skills throughout the year.
This week’s theme is “This is My Dog,” and suggests taking a picture of your dog that “defines” your dog.  I decided not to do anything fancy for the picture this time, but to simply show what you might see if you stopped by our house and saw Maigee doing what she normally does.

This picture defines Maigee pretty well, laying on her bed on the edge of the living room and dining room, with a toy or chew (in this case, her hoof from Christmas with the tail of her raccoon and the rest of the hoof/rope toy on the sides).  Though she prefers to lay in the sun in the mornings as it comes in the south side of the house, this is where she lays most of the rest of the time.

A Plethora of Pictures

Maigee and I enjoying my Aunt’s beautiful garden
Our town had a parade and I was able to enjoy seeing some Haflingers
My peas finally produced
The onions are getting quite large!

Beautiful begonia
My orchid is blooming again this summer
Balloon flower blooming with some buds in the back
Mikey isn’t fond of the hot weather, but is doing his best to keep cool
Maigee is having fun in the sun
Tyler discovered his paws and is trying to eat them

Spring Photography

I’m not doing a photojournal anymore, but I do still enjoy taking photos.  I’ve done several walks around the house to enjoy the blooming flowers and growing plants.  I thought I would share a few of the things that have made me smile the past few weeks.  Ironically, they are all alive, I love seeing the new life living things bring.  It reminds me that even when there are the times in life when things appear dark and even dead, life comes back again in the summer.  Likewise, when I’m feeling down, I can be encouraged by thinking about the fact that life can (and will) be good again.
The begonia I gave my mom for Mother’s Day has a beautiful bloom.


Clematis is in full bloom


Tyler is growing – in size and orneriness – here he picks on his uncle Rascal who fairly patiently tolerates his abuse.
I had fun staying up late to do some fun photography when we had the supermoon.  Maigee of course “helped” by being a model.
I got (another) new pet, a rabbit I bred three years ago is spending the summer with me thanks to a friend who was kind enough to let me “borrow” him.
Enjoying the warm weather, soft bunny, and beautiful skies.


Today, I went out to our outside spigot and found myself a little friend.  In spite of wanting to keep him as a pet, I let him go, but he was fun to play with for a while.