Week 6: Feets

This week’s theme is feets, and I decided to show another of Maigee’s favorite tasks (well part of a task).  She does paws up either on my lap or on my stomach for a variety of tasks.  She also does it when I want to give her a good scratch behind the ears without bending… Continue reading Week 6: Feets

Five Years Ago

Five years ago, I first met an adorable dog at the Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control and she came home with me.  At the time, I had no idea what a huge part she’d play in my life – both as a companion and eventually as a service dog.  I decided to take a… Continue reading Five Years Ago

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Week 3: Nap Time

This week’s theme was nearly as difficult, but for a very different reason than last week.  The theme was to catch a picture of your dog napping.  Though it sounds quite simple, it is difficult when you have a dog who pretty much wakes up any time you move.  She has to be very sound… Continue reading Week 3: Nap Time

Week 2: Portrait

I’m running behind on my photos for the week because I spent most of last week trying various Photoshop techniques to try to eliminate the creepy eyes that tend to show up when I take pictures of Maigee.  I finally got a picture for this week’s theme, which is to take a portrait of your… Continue reading Week 2: Portrait