100 Fall Frolics – Day 2

Luie and I took a bit of a walk around the block to see what we could find this evening.

#15 – Pinecone

We found some pinecones and I tried to balance one on Luie’s head.

#49 – Flowers

I’m not sure what variety of flower this is, but it is very pretty!

#87 – Something Manmade

There used to be an old, run-down house here. It was torn down a year or two again and now there is a barn going up.

100 Fall Frolics – Day 1

I had to go out to my parents’ house to take care of their cat so took the dogs and we had a walk around their yard and the neighboring woods.

#17 – Vegetable

Acorn Squash on a vine – is a squash a fruit (scientific) or vegetable (culinary)?  I’m going with vegetable for the challenge.

Bonus Picture: Technically a grain, not a vegetable, but Luie was having fun running in his corn maze.

#43 – Tall Grass

Both dogs really enjoy running through tall grass! I love that Luie is a blur.

Maigee was willing to sit for a picture, Luie was having too much fun zooming around for me to try to get a good (not blurry) picture.

#75 – Something Yellow

Luie found this patch of mums really exciting for some reason.  I’m not sure why…

100 Fall Frolics and Finds Challenge

I’m going to try the 2nd Annual 100 Fall Frolics and Finds Dog Walking Challenge. The goal is to try to find the following 100 items in between the start of fall on Friday, September 22, 2017, and the first day of Winter on Thursday, December 21, 2017. You can replace 10 items with your own personal selection (I already substituted tunnel with geocache because I can’t think of any tunnels near here).

You also log your miles and while the goal is to get 100 miles, I don’t think I will probably get quite that many.  But my goal is to get out with Maigee and Luie and take pictures, enjoy the fall, and find some fun stuff!  Fall can be a tough time with shorter days, especially with depression, so I’m hoping this will help with that.

  1. Tree
  2. Tree stump
  3. Tree roots
  4. Hole in tree
  5. Fallen tree
  6. Bark
  7. Large red leaf
  8. Small yellow leaf
  9. Dry brown leaf
  10. Jagged edge orange leaf
  11. Leaf more than one color
  12. A tree with no leaves
  13. Pile of leaves
  14. Fallen pine needles
  15. Pinecone
  16. Acorn
  17. Fruit
  18. Vegetable
  19. Spiderweb
  20. Pumpkin/Jack-o-lantern
  21. Zombie or ghost
  22. Scarecrow
  23. Witch
  24. Broom
  25. Rake
  26. Straw/hay
  27. Tombstone
  28. Something spooky
  29. Dew or raindrops
  30. Wind
  31. Frost
  32. First snow
  33. Yellow snow
  34. Snowman
  35. Christmas decoration
  36. Decorative lights
  37. Sled
  38. Wreath
  39. Body of water
  40. Bridge
  41. Fence
  42. Railroad tracks
  43. Tall grass
  44. A rock
  45. Stick that looks like letter Y
  46. Feather
  47. Squirrel
  48. Bird
  49. Flowers
  50. Geocache
  51. Any animal (other than your dog)
  52. Animal hole in the ground
  53. Animal tracks (other than your own dog)
  54. Human footprints (other than your own)
  55. Dog shaped cloud
  56. A shadow
  57. Road sign
  58. Fire hydrant
  59. Utility pole
  60. Steps/stairs
  61. Playground item (i.e. swing, slide)
  62. Trash/litter
  63. Money/coin
  64. Mailbox
  65. A flag
  66. Hiking trail
  67. Mud
  68. Puddle
  69. A reflection in water
  70. Sunrise or sunset
  71. Something white
  72. Something black
  73. Something red
  74. Something orange
  75. Something yellow
  76. Something green
  77. Something blue
  78. Something purple
  79. Something tall
  80. Something small
  81. Something fluffy
  82. Something fuzzy
  83. Something soft
  84. Something smooth
  85. Something pointy
  86. Something fragile
  87. Something man-made
  88. Something alive
  89. Something round
  90. Something square
  91. Something triangular
  92. Something rectangular
  93. Something heart-shaped
  94. Something oval
  95. Something twisted
  96. Something with a hole in it
  97. Something beautiful
  98. Something scented
  99. Something you found interesting
  100. Something your dog found interesting