I was going by memory on what the white flowers were from last year, but when I was cleaning I found the package from last year, and they are labeled as “Paperwhites, Narcissus.” Narcissus actually includes daffodils and jonquils.  But because these are “Paperwhites,” it means they are Narcissus papyraceus. Unlike other Narcissus species, Paperwhites… Continue reading Paperwhites

Mystery Seeds

Look how big my little cabbage sprouts are getting! They are getting so tall they are nearly at the top of the greenhouse.  I ordered a 25 cell greenhouse and some more coir pellets from Burpee and I hope they get here soon because the cabbage is going to outgrow the height of this greenhouse… Continue reading Mystery Seeds

Bulbs and Seeds

  I spent some time today organizing my seeds.  My goal is to figure out what I have and what I need so I don’t buy what I already have – like last year…and the year before.  I have way too many packages of cucumber and sunflowers!  I found that a medium size index card… Continue reading Bulbs and Seeds


I really like photography and hope to do more of it, here are some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken over the past few years. Pretty in Pink 2009 Looking Up 2009 Autumn Countryside 2009 Rustic 2009 Flying High 2008 Ready for Take-off 2008 Golden 2008 Peace Like a Dove 2008 Fire in the Sky… Continue reading Photography