Spring Seeds

Well, the weather outside might not agree, but spring is coming and it is time to plant seeds so I can have happy, healthy seedlings to put out.  My goal is to grow a majority, if not all, of my plants from seeds this year, rather than buying plants, so I’ve been carefully studying charts and weather/climate ratings for my area to find the best time to plant.  I’ve also been using Smart Gardener to get a basic garden layout so I have an idea of how many seeds to plant so I don’t have extra or I’m not short.  Though I’m using Smart Gardener for the layout, I like MyFolia better for tracking the planting, growth, etc. of each seed.  You can see all of my plantings, what seeds I have for swap, and more on my profile.

I started my early seeds now, the ones that are to be started about 8 weeks before the last frost date.  This includes tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, statice, and gaillardia.  Because peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes all enjoy a warm surface while they grow, I have them in the Sprouting Greenhouse, but I added a small heater underneath it to help keep it warmer.
The flowers, as well as the remaining parsley and African daisy mystery flowers went into my new 25 pellet Burpee greenhouse that finally arrived.

In addition to using MyFolia, I’m keeping basic records in my garden notebook of what is planted where so I can tell at a quick glance without having to get on the computer and log onto the site.

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