Spring has Sprung

Between the seedlings inside, the plants popping up outside, and babies popping up all over, I think it is safe to say spring has sprung.  And finally the weather agrees, with two lovely 60 degree days!

The plants in the basement are growing and growing.  I can’t wait to put them outside soon, but it needs to warm up a bit more.

Daffodils have popped up and should be blooming soon in the backyard.

Even the sedum mom dug up to save from our building project last year has begun to show green leaves.  I think the fact that it has been in the green house gave it a head start.  But it is nice since we lost quite a few pretty flowers around where our deck used to be.

The baby pigs are growing like weeds, they are getting bigger and bigger every day.

The baby rabbits are getting big too, I just weaned them today, their markings are coming in nicely, another month or more and I should be able to show them at their first shows.

The younger litter has their full coat of fur and I’m hoping to see eyes opening in the next day or two.  They are in the popcorn stage right now where they pop all over – you touch one and they all move!

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