Repotting Cabbage and Kale

I’m finally starting to feel a bit better, I had the influenza and then a kidney stone – both of which left me miserable.  But while I was out of commission, my little plants grew and grew!

My cabbage and kale (the first things planted) especially grew.  As I mentioned in a past blog post, they grew quite tall and lanky.

They were starting to show their roots on the outside of the coir pellets too – so it was time to replate them!

I gathered all my supplies.  I decided to pot them up a bit into recycled paper pots and to give them a little organic fertilizer mixed with the soil.

First I put a small layer of soil on the bottom of the pot, this varied from plant to plant.  I wanted them to be repotted so that long, lanky stem was mostly under the soil and the true leaves were just above the surface level of the soil.

Then I added a small amount of organic fertilizer and mixed that into the soil.  I will note, that this stuff smells pretty bad and don’t have your face too close when you dump it out, because it made a little cloud that puffed up and about choked me!

Then I set the seedling into the pot to see if I had gotten the height about right.

Next, I filled in the area around it with soil – almost right up to the very top of the cup.  I didn’t fill it all the way to the top, because I want to be able to water and not have the water run off right away.

Then I watered them, the soil was partially dry, so it took a few soaks to get it good and wet.  I added a bit more soil after the soil compacted some when it got wet too.

Ta-da!  Happy plants in their Big Boy Pots and back under the light, which had to be raised a bit to accommodate their taller pots.

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