Photojournal: April 20 – 23

April 21: Maigee got an exciting present in the mail from her friends Kellyn (human) and Charlie (GSD mix who is also a Service Dog).  It was a box full of home made treats, she loved them and even snuck a few more out of the box when I wasn’t looking.


April 22: My little pea plant is getting bigger!  It even has some tiny little curlicues which is what I like best about the pea plant.  In other news I found a picture on a recipe web site which made me consider eating peas again.  Unfortunately, I know I’ll only be disappointed once again, no matter how yummy they look, they still taste bad.


April 23: This is the project I was supposed to be working on when I sprained my ankle.  We had a digger-guy come over and he helped to lay a tile out of our house.  Rascal apparently decided he needed to observe the work and be sure all was going well.

And, just because I can’t resist, a video of my little Tyler having some fun outside.  Sorry about the audio, it was pretty windy!

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