Photojournal April 16 – 20

April 16: Fish are hard to photograph, but here are two of the fish who live in my room – Hope III (female Betta) and Tuberosity (the cory cat, aka Tubby).  I had to do a major cleaning of my fish tank because I noticed I had Planaria Worms, a non-parasitic worm that lives in fish tanks and feeds off the food remains.
April 17: Another part of the big cleaning project, my dad built new shelves in my closet.  I’ve been wanting these for a long time, so I’m pretty excited about them!
April 18: I had a bit of an accident falling down the steps out our back door.  Hurt my ankle which swelled up quite nicely.


April 19: Went to the doctor for an x-ray today since the foot was still very swollen and painful, turns out that it was just a sprain, no breaks.  But it is still very painful and I’ll be in a walker boot for a week at least.

April 20: This is a summary of my day, sleeping, reading, watching House, all with my foot propped up to reduce swelling and Tyler and Maigee looking on to be sure I am doing okay.

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