I was going by memory on what the white flowers were from last year, but when I was cleaning I found the package from last year, and they are labeled as “Paperwhites, Narcissus.” Narcissus actually includes daffodils and jonquils.  But because these are “Paperwhites,” it means they are Narcissus papyraceus. Unlike other Narcissus species, Paperwhites do not require chilling to promote bloom.  This is nice since I’m not sure they got cold enough in our basement last winter to force a bloom or not.

Last time I posted, I was worried about if I had done the right thing with the little mini bulbs attached to the main bulbs on the plant.  Gardening Know How helped me out with this and said that I should wait until the leave die to divide, but that I don’t have to divide because they don’t mind being a little crowded.  They are growing fast and are just shooting up and up!

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