Operation: Dirty Piggie

My project for the weekend has certainly been an interesting one.  It started when I found out about some piggies in need of a home.  I discovered they were longhaired, and hadn’t been well-groomed for quite some time.  So “Operation: Dirty Piggie” was created with the goal of getting the piggies to the cleanest, most comfortable state possible, while preserving as much of their beautiful coats as possible.

The two piggies, Zero (black) and Zen (himalayan), before.
Getting the supplies ready.
Zero’s before profile shot
From the top, you can see that the front of Zero is relatively unmatted, but her behind is very matted.
Her backside was greasy from her grease
gland,which resulted dreadlocks in her fur.
Zen’s before shot
Because she is white, she had some
pretty bad stains on her bottom.
From the back, you can see Zen’s tangles.
From the front, Zen just has a general bad hair day!
Step 1: Finger combing.
Step 2: Combing
Step 3: Trimming matts off
Step 4: Bathing
Step 5: Another combing
Step 6: Drying
Zero’s after profile shot
From the top, there is some unevenness in the back from the trimming 
Zero’s fur now lays nicely
Zen’s after shot
“Are we done yet?”
From the top, she looks so much better
From the bottom too!
My first attempt at putting a pig into wraps, not horrible, but not the best 
Zen does NOT look impressed.

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