One Week of Work

It has only been a week, but a week of work towards goals can be huge.  So here is my progress toward my goals so far (I’m planning to do this monthly, but wanted to give a bit more description of what I’m doing for each one than I did in the first post.

Learn to love myself.
This isn’t something that I’ve found specific things I can do – yet.  It isn’t something that I can ever say I’ve “achieved” necessarily either, it is more of a continuous process.  But I’ve started!

Take at least one online course to learn something new.
I’ve signed up for my first course, Dino 101, to learn more about Paleontology.  I’m already learning quite a bit about the skeletal system.  Hopefully I’ll share some pictures and information on my other blog.

Train my dog in rally and earn a title.
I’ve been working with Maigee on different rally courses from The Rally Course Book, we are mostly working on getting our turns down – with Maigee staying near me and me not falling over.

Spend 10 minutes each day cleaning or organizing something.
I haven’t done this every day, but I have managed to do this 5 days out of the past week!  My room is pretty rough right now, so it is going to take a few days of more than 10 minutes when I’m feeling decent to get quite a bit done, then I’m hoping that 10 minutes is enough to keep it clean!

Do art more often.
I’ve been doing art, but it is for others, not for myself, so I hope to start some fun art soon.  I’m thinking of spending some of my Christmas money to buy 642 Things to Draw for something to mess around with, but haven’t decided yet.  I did do some photography, and the National Weather Service of Northern Indiana (which includes where I live) asked if they could use one of my pictures in an overview of the blizzard.

Learn to set boundaries with family and friends.
I’ve started reading Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life, I haven’t gotten far in the book, but think this is a good start.

Track my calories and exercise on SparkPeople.
 I’ve tracked my calories 6 out of the 7 days, I missed one day when I wasn’t feeling well.  As far as exercise, it has been difficult, because my exercise for several days has been wading through snow drifts, shoveling snow, etc. which isn’t included on their trackers.  I did get in 2 days with 30 minutes actual recordable cardio though.

Grow at least one cavy out to adult coat.
I have a ways to go to adult coat, but here is my 8 week old dilute solid silkie, Rusty.

Read the entire Bible.
I’m completely up to date for the Bible in a year reading plan, I’m up to Genesis 17 and Psalm 7.  I’ve found some new things that I hadn’t realized before and the timing of re-reading the creation story with my Dino 101 class is great.

Blog at least once a month.
Done – two posts this month so far, with another post over half way done!

Continue to research my medical conditions and options for improving my life.
I’m currently dealing with a lot of digestive issues, and have been looking into ways that my eating my be affecting this.  I’m looking into a specific diet that may affect not only my digestive issues, but possibly others as well.  I hope to post more about this in the future once I’ve done more research.

Get rid of excess in my life.
Well, three bags of trash have gone out of my room, I have two boxes full of stuff to go to Goodwill, so I think this is a decent start on this goal!

Train a rabbit in hopping and/or a cavy in obstacle.
No progress on this one so far, the cold weather has been somewhat prohibitive in this regard.

Remember that each day brings blessings for that day.
Like my first goal, this isn’t really a “destination” but something I must do each day for my life, and it is something that I try to do.  

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