New House, New Plants, New Garden

You may have noticed the lack of posts recently, that is because I’ve been busy looking at houses to buy.  I found one that suits my needs and am preparing to move.  This means a new house, with new plants, and best of all, a garden all my own (that I don’t have to share with mom).

Some of the plants that came with the house I’m excited about, others I do not know what they are, and yet others I am far less than enthused about.  So here is a plant overview of the new house, perhaps you can help identify some of the unknown plants?

This is my new house, it is small, but cozy and perfect for me!  I can’t wait to move in and make it my very own space!
Solid Green Hosta, possibly ‘Royal Standard’?  There are several groups of these along the north side of the house, along with the variegated shown below.

Variegated green with white outline Hosta, possibly ‘Regal Supreme’?  Again, several groups, though they are somewhat overgrown with weeds.

Some sort of tree?  There are several of these as well and I do not know if these are things which should be removed or left.  Also on the north side of the house.

Among the Hostas are some day lilies, variety unknown since they have finished blooming.  I’m looking forward to seeing these next spring!

Another unknown, a mess of green with some assorted purple flowers, I wish I had a better picture, but it didn’t turn out.  No idea what this might be, or even if it is a weed or flower.

Another thing that could be a tree or could be a plant.  The leaves remind me a bit of my mom’s hydrangea, but I don’t know if that is what they are or not.  There are a few of these on the north and south sides.

Peonies, one of them is pink (had a bloom when I toured that was off now), the other one is unknown color.  Since my new house is in the “Peony Capital of the World,” I feel this is only fitting to have two little Peony bushes!

This is another tree/shrub/plant growing in among the bushes at the front (west) of the house.  Again, I do not have a clue what it might be.

This is a single bush/shrub on the north corner of the west side of the house, it appears to have some dead growth on it, but is doing better than when I first toured the house.  I’m tempted to pull it, as it makes the house look unsymmetrical, but I don’t know yet.  Some sort of coniferous tree, but I don’t know what kind for sure.


Bushes/shrubs on either side of the front door, a different, but similar conifer to the taller bush.

It is hard to see and part of it was mowed down by the company taking care of the lawn, but there is a small section of sedum growing on the southwest corner of the house.  I really like sedum, so this makes me happy!

Some of the not-so-wanted plants – thistles!  These are ALL over the place, and are going to seed before I have possession of the house and can do anything about them, so there will be more.  Anyone have good thistle removing techniques that don’t involve Round-Up?

In among these thistles is a pretty reddish bush.  Mom called it a boxwood, but I don’t know if they come in red, so I’m not positive what it is.  Hopefully it makes it in spite of being taken over by thistles!

More of the same as the purple blooming flower from the back, I believe, except without the purple blooms.  Or it could be some sort of ground cover.  Or a weed.


The single plant I’m most excited about – the rose bush!  I don’t know variety or anything (it wasn’t even blooming when I first saw the house), but I do love my roses and I’m thinking it will needs some little rose friends to live with it!

I believe this is the same as is growing on the north of the house, but on the south (and much healthier looking) as well as possibly what is growing in the bush in the front of the house.  It sort of looks like a grape or a hydrangea, but I don’t really have a clue.

Thistles and giant dandelions, unfortunately this is what most of the garden is made of, but at least my piggies will have plenty to eat for the first few weeks anyway!

And the single plant I’m least excited about – poison ivy!  Right outside the front door.  Any suggestions on removing it without getting it also appreciated!

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