Mystery Seeds

Look how big my little cabbage sprouts are getting! They are getting so tall they are nearly at the top of the greenhouse.  I ordered a 25 cell greenhouse and some more coir pellets from Burpee and I hope they get here soon because the cabbage is going to outgrow the height of this greenhouse soon!

The kale is growing nicely too, I probably didn’t need to put three seeds in each one, three came up in one and two in the other.  I know I’ll have to pull three of them, which seems a shame.  I hate pulling the innocent little plants.  I will certainly take note of that and plant fewer seeds next time! No sign of the parsley coming up yet, but the package says it will take longer to sprout.

When I was sorting seeds, I found this package, and I have no idea what sort of flower they really are.  There seem to be several different plants that are all called “African Daisy,” including Osteospermum, Dimorphotheca sinuata, or Arctotis stoechadifolia.  After asking on Twitter, it seems the only way to know for sure is to grow some and see what I get.

I planted two seeds in two cells to see what I might get.  This is sort of fun – growing mystery seeds into a mystery plant.  All I know is that the flower is pretty!

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  1. Hey, African daisies are actually beautiful flower.I’m from India and i have few of these ones in my garden. They are not edible, and by the way not poisonous to pets. So you can grow it.
    Good luck

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