Kale and a Notebook

I added some kale seeds to the greenhouse today, I decided I can put them out under the window in the hot bed with the cabbage.  I’ve never actually eaten kale and I’ve never grown it before, but the cavies love it and even the rabbits will try a nibble.  I picked up a packet of Burpee’s Dwarf Blue Curled Vates (admittedly, mostly because it looked the prettiest) and decided to give it a go.  Who knows, I may even eat some of it myself!

I also started a notebook.  I decided it was important for me to know what I planted this year so I could look back in the future and have an idea what worked and what didn’t.  I had gotten a composition notebook as a gift, so I’ve started it as my new gardening notebook.  First I drew a diagram of the greenhouse.  Then, I wrote down what I planted, the variety, the brand, and the year the seeds were packaged on the right. On the diagram, I wrote what I planted when. I put a star on the little green house and the diagram so I can tell the “front” from the “back” and know what is where. I emptied the cabbage and parsley packages, so I taped them to the back page and added the date they were planted.  I will continue to add when they sprout, show true leaves, are transplanted, etc. on the back.

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