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I’ve been learning so much from other gardeners on Twitter and one of the people I follow mentioned that there was a #herbchat today.  I joined in, finding it easiest to follow on Nurph and learned quite a bit about growing and planting herbs!  I have two parsley plants left from last year that are looking a little spindly, but the host of herb chat, Nancy said it should thicken up when it gets more sunlight.

Obviously I’ve already started some parsley seeds, but I am not also going to be on the lookout for German chamomile, basil, thyme, and oregano.  I already have ordered some organic chive and can’t wait to start them.  Chive brings back happy memories for me, because my grandma always grew them.  I remember playing in the garden and picking fresh chive to munch on while I played. I can’t wait to make some tea like this out of chamomile tea out of flowers that I’ve grown by myself!

Chamomile tea made from the flowers #herbchat pic.twitter.com/Q0SikTP5TZ
— Geri Laufer (@gardengeri) February 20, 2014

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