Growing Up in the Garden

I grew up in the garden – literally!  When I was young, I had a section of the garden that was mine at my grandma’s house.  I mostly made mud pies, but also pretended to hoe and “plant” whatever I found.  When I got older, I joined 4-H and had my first garden of my very own, a small flower bed around our flag pole.  I continued to take gardening projects, including house plants, various flower garden projects, and even a tree/landscaping project.

It wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I first planted vegetables.  I started with peas and potatoes, and have added a few more plants each year, experimenting with new and different things each year.

My main garden, located behind my rabbit/cavy shed, is currently overgrown with spearmint.  For this year, my goal is to grow some veggies in another bed, while battling the spearmint.

I started some cabbage and parsley seeds in coconut coir pellets.
I made a little notebook to keep track of what I plant where, and also planted some kale.
Two little cabbage sprouts.
I organized my seeds

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