Finding Joy in the Little Things

Life has been rough the past few weeks.  As allergy season began with the blooming of the trees and flowers, I had the typical allergy reactions I have every year.  They aren’t fun, but are usually tolerable for the most part.  This year, they moved into my chest and I developed bronchitis.  A visit to the doctor after a week of misery, coughing, and not breathing and I had some medication that got me to feeling better.
Then suddenly I developed other symptoms – a return of my fever and fainting.  Concerned, I returned to the doctor to get things checked out.  The fever could be from the bronchitis, or unrelated.  The fainting is a bit more concerning, and the doctor wants to check it out.  In the meantime, I’m supposed to drink more water and change from sitting to standing slowly.  Those who know me probably know that I don’t move very slow – ever.  It is a real challenge to remember (though the lightheadedness every time I stand does sort of remind me).
So I’m spending much of my time resting and drinking water, and while I could find plenty to complain about, I decided to find some things that I’m thankful for instead.  Sometimes it is easy to be joyful about the big things, but we miss the little things.  So here are five things I’m finding joy in today.
1. Funky socks that my secret prayer partner gave me (this is just one pair, I have a bunch!), because it reminds me that someone is praying for me and because they are adorable.  I got three compliments on them today at the doctor’s office and blood lab.  The weird lump is from the gauze over the blood draw site, my foot isn’t deformed.
2. A good book to read, I happen to have won this particular book for a winning contest entry at the blog How to Cope with Pain.  I just started the book and am enjoying it, but I will let you read How to Cope with Pain’s review.
3. If you have to drink water, what better thing to drink it out of than a water bottle that reminds you of your friend and makes you smile and laugh every time you read it?  My friend’s last name is Pond and they own Pond Seed Company who makes this hilarious bottled “Fresh Pond Water.”  The label is awesomely hilarious (click to enlarge and read this side).  Granted it has been refilled with well water, but still it makes me laugh!
4. While relaxing in bed, it is always nice to have a smiling face hanging around, and Cow always has a lovely smiley face on – regardless of how I’m feeling or how much I’m squishing him. He is soft and cuddly and smiley.  Yes, my frog’s name is Cow, don’t ask.
5. Finally, the thing that is saving my sanity of having a fever while it is in the 90’s outside with high humidity (read – tons of sweat!), my awesome box fan.  Cooling and lovely white noise that drowns out the tinnitus all in one!

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