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Tonight was Garden Chat night, and the topic was “Garden to Glass” which was a lot of fun.  The discussion was about things you can grow in your garden to make tasty drinks.  Of course, I don’t drink alcohol due to the medications I’m on, but I can enjoy mocktails, flavored waters, and most of all, tea!
I’ve been purchasing my tea, but this chat started me thinking, what if I tried growing my own herbal tea?  I’ve already planned to try to grow Chamomile this year, but I wonder what else I can add to it to make different teas?  My favorite tea right now (which I drank during the chat) is Foxtrot, which is chamomile, peppermint, and rooibos.  While I’m not going to grow the 6 foot tall legume that makes rooibos, I can grow chamomile and peppermint and have my own special tea – and even add something else new and different.

I’m also going to try to make some flavored/vitamin water and maybe try to make some of the water into popsicles with edible flowers (such as the borage that came in my herb variety pack).

Someone shared a great page on How to Harvest and Preserve Your Garden Herbs which gives great tips for keeping herbs throughout the year for use in anything – including drinks!  Another link to a unique herb garden made me interested in seeing if I could grow some of my herbs in mason jars for an attractive (and tasty) display.

Some of the others who attended the garden chat shared some other links.
If You’ve Got Vodka, I’ve Got Thyme
Drink Your Garden
Northwest Edible Life (features drinks on Fridays)
Fancy a Drink? Our Favorite Winter Cocktails

And an interesting resource that lists what tastes good with what.
Fruit Flavor Combinations for Cocktails

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