Days of Enjoyment – April 1-4

I’m going to start photo-journaling as a challenge from How to Cope with Pain to do something enjoyable every day, but also as a way to share some of the everyday life with chronic pain.  The times when life is normal instead of just the times when it isn’t.
Pictures from the past few days…
April 1: Maigee wearing the “cone of shame” after I gave her monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventative.  She is known to lick the flea/tick treatment, so has to wear a cone while it dries.
 April 2: Found some fresh onions in the garden today while weeding and decided to make a childhood favorite side dish, “hobo packs.”  Chop potatoes and carrot, mince onion and garlic, put everything in a foil pack with some oil and seasonings/herbs.  Grill and eat!
April 3: My peas and onions are the first thing to be planted in the garden, and they are both up already.  It is ironic that I grow peas, since neither I, nor my family will eat peas, but I love how the plants look, so I always plant a few!
April 4: While at the feed store, Maigee met the chicks, actually the chicks met Maigee.  She sniffed them a bit, but wasn’t super interested.  The chicks on the other hand were quite curious about her – see the one sticking it’s head out of the wires to see her?

Edit:  If you’d like to see more pictures I’ve taken that didn’t make it to the blog, you can see my album.


  1. Amber, great pictures! I love the pea shoot – it’s always inspiring to see green come up from the brown of winter. I’d eat the peas! And the doggie is adorable with the chicks.

    Thanks for sharing your photos.
    How to Cope with Pain

  2. Hi Amber, having had RSDS since 1999, I admit to sometimes being so totally engulfed by pain, that when I have times that are more manageable, it is difficult to know how to express it. Your photo- journal idea is Fantastic. Thank you for sharing. I wish you the strength to walk thru life facing each new situation with courage, optimism. & hope. From your Aussie ‘sis’ in pain, Mary

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