Count Your Blessings

After a friend, Kylee, was hospitalized after a particularly scary series of dystonic attacks and still chose to post 10 positives for the day, I decided to follow suite and post a list of my own positives.  I also found this very appropriate quote which reminds me of the old hymn “Count Your Blessings.”
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1. The weather has been beautiful!  I’m loving the thunderstorms that bring the rain the crops, garden, and flowers need as well as the warm spring days.

2. The flowers are blooming like crazy, and I’m actually able to enjoy them as my meds have managed to keep my allergies fairly well in check.

A gift from a friend, beautiful blooms!

 3. I’m so grateful for the time I spend with my friends, especially my friend Mallory.

4. My God has provided me with so much and I am extremely grateful for all He has done.
5. I’m grateful that I live in a country where I can get health care, where I have privileges I might not otherwise have and where I can freely believe and worship God without fear.
6. I was able to stay up late and enjoy the “supermoon” the other night and it was a beautiful night.

Maigee admires the “supermoon.”

7. Maigee, my service dog, gives me independence and freedom to do things I might not otherwise be able to do.

8. I’m grateful for all my pets – Tyler, Roxie, and Rascal, the cats; Zac, the guinea pig; Loi, Hope III, and Tubby, the fish; and of course, Maigee.

9. My family, while they occasionally drive me nuts, are a blessing to me as well.

10. I’m grateful for all the wonderful people I’ve met through this journey!

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