100 Fall Frolics – Day 3

For the past week, I haven’t had any walks with the dogs because I’ve been in Indy at the ARBA rabbit convention.  Now that I’m home, we had a short walk this evening but only got one picture because my camera battery died.

#11 – Leaf more than one color

We found this very pretty tiny red and green maple leaf on the ground during our walk.  Maigee tried to eat it, but I rescued it before it was ripped up for a picture.

A close up of the leaf by itself.

100 Fall Frolics – Day 1

I had to go out to my parents’ house to take care of their cat so took the dogs and we had a walk around their yard and the neighboring woods.

#17 – Vegetable

Acorn Squash on a vine – is a squash a fruit (scientific) or vegetable (culinary)?  I’m going with vegetable for the challenge.

Bonus Picture: Technically a grain, not a vegetable, but Luie was having fun running in his corn maze.

#43 – Tall Grass

Both dogs really enjoy running through tall grass! I love that Luie is a blur.

Maigee was willing to sit for a picture, Luie was having too much fun zooming around for me to try to get a good (not blurry) picture.

#75 – Something Yellow

Luie found this patch of mums really exciting for some reason.  I’m not sure why…