Spring has Sprung

Between the seedlings inside, the plants popping up outside, and babies popping up all over, I think it is safe to say spring has sprung.  And finally the weather agrees, with two lovely 60 degree days!

The plants in the basement are growing and growing.  I can’t wait to put them outside soon, but it needs to warm up a bit more.

Daffodils have popped up and should be blooming soon in the backyard.

Even the sedum mom dug up to save from our building project last year has begun to show green leaves.  I think the fact that it has been in the green house gave it a head start.  But it is nice since we lost quite a few pretty flowers around where our deck used to be.

The baby pigs are growing like weeds, they are getting bigger and bigger every day.

The baby rabbits are getting big too, I just weaned them today, their markings are coming in nicely, another month or more and I should be able to show them at their first shows.

The younger litter has their full coat of fur and I’m hoping to see eyes opening in the next day or two.  They are in the popcorn stage right now where they pop all over – you touch one and they all move!

Week 4: Favorite Toy – SOCKS!

My sock collection has grown quite a bit since last year!

The theme for this week’s dog photo challenge is “Favorite Toy,” which is perfect timing because one of Maigee’s favorite toys is socks and today is Crazy Sock Day! You can visit last year’s post to read a bit more about crazy sock day, or you can go to the Facebook event for the 3rd Annual Crazy Sock Day or like the Crazy Sock Day page.

I first discovered Maigee’s love for socks after I brought her home. I would take my socks off and leave them on the floor and next thing I knew, one or both would be moved. Never chewed, just moved around. She does like to shake them, I think she likes the floppiness of them. She also love floppy toys like the unstuffed raccoon and skunk she has. Her favorite though, is when I throw them and she can retrieve them. Though she still thinks it is fun to stand on one end and pull them!

Picture for Week 4: Favorite Toy
Because of her love for socks, I decided that it might be fun to teach her to take my socks off for me.  Though this is likely a task for some, I’m able to take my socks off myself, so it isn’t a service dog task for me.  But it was a lot of fun to train, and was the first chain of 4 commands I taught her (grab the sock, pull, return it to me, release).  She loves doing it, as you can see in the video below.

The other animals didn’t want to be left out of crazy sock day (except the fish, they don’t really care about socks or anything except food), so I did some pictures of everyone else enjoying crazy socks too.

My three baby bunnies thought socks made
perfect sleeping bags, warm and snuggly!
Zac was really hoping the orange sock would
taste like carrots (he says they didn’t).
And Mr. Jingles?  Well, he wants to tell you what he
thinks of them himself in his own video…

Tyler thought he might like to play with socks.
Jessie thought they made perfect
ear warmers in this cold weather
And me?  Well, I’m boring and just
wore my socks like a normal human.

A Plethora of Pictures

Maigee and I enjoying my Aunt’s beautiful garden
Our town had a parade and I was able to enjoy seeing some Haflingers
My peas finally produced
The onions are getting quite large!

Beautiful begonia
My orchid is blooming again this summer
Balloon flower blooming with some buds in the back
Mikey isn’t fond of the hot weather, but is doing his best to keep cool
Maigee is having fun in the sun
Tyler discovered his paws and is trying to eat them

Spring Photography

I’m not doing a photojournal anymore, but I do still enjoy taking photos.  I’ve done several walks around the house to enjoy the blooming flowers and growing plants.  I thought I would share a few of the things that have made me smile the past few weeks.  Ironically, they are all alive, I love seeing the new life living things bring.  It reminds me that even when there are the times in life when things appear dark and even dead, life comes back again in the summer.  Likewise, when I’m feeling down, I can be encouraged by thinking about the fact that life can (and will) be good again.
The begonia I gave my mom for Mother’s Day has a beautiful bloom.


Clematis is in full bloom


Tyler is growing – in size and orneriness – here he picks on his uncle Rascal who fairly patiently tolerates his abuse.
I had fun staying up late to do some fun photography when we had the supermoon.  Maigee of course “helped” by being a model.
I got (another) new pet, a rabbit I bred three years ago is spending the summer with me thanks to a friend who was kind enough to let me “borrow” him.
Enjoying the warm weather, soft bunny, and beautiful skies.


Today, I went out to our outside spigot and found myself a little friend.  In spite of wanting to keep him as a pet, I let him go, but he was fun to play with for a while.