I’m now an official volunteer at the local humane society!  I went through the training and did my first hours of volunteering cleaning cat cages and then spending time playing with the cats. This cat, Tinsel, insisted on patting me on the head the whole time I was cleaning pet rat cages (which is defienelty… Continue reading Volunteer

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My First Best in Show

Liberty Little Miss Jingles won Best in Show at the Wapakaneta Spring Show, under judge Don Peterson.  This is my very first Best in Show with cavies – and to win with a pig I bred is extra special.

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Americans in Breeding

I picked up three new pigs (and found three pigs new homes) this weekend.  They are mine, but will eventually be returned or replaced with better offspring.  I’m pretty excited to see what sort of babies Mr. Jingles throws as he is a decent boar and the sows are pretty strong in his weaker areas. … Continue reading Americans in Breeding

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Spring has Sprung

Between the seedlings inside, the plants popping up outside, and babies popping up all over, I think it is safe to say spring has sprung.  And finally the weather agrees, with two lovely 60 degree days! The plants in the basement are growing and growing.  I can’t wait to put them outside soon, but it… Continue reading Spring has Sprung

Fish Tank Makeover

In addition to plants, I love animals.  I also enjoy art, so when you join those three things together, what do you get?  Aquascaping a fish tank!  The idea is to turn a fish tank into a specific biotope.  Because my favorite fish are corydoras catfish, I decided to try to replicate the South American… Continue reading Fish Tank Makeover

Baby Peruvian

This blog is meant to be for rabbits and cavies, as well as gardening, in spite of the fact that all the posts so far have been about gardening.  But I have some exciting news in the cavy world, so my first non-gardening post will be about cavies! This is Onyx, my black Silkie sow,… Continue reading Baby Peruvian

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One Week of Work

It has only been a week, but a week of work towards goals can be huge.  So here is my progress toward my goals so far (I’m planning to do this monthly, but wanted to give a bit more description of what I’m doing for each one than I did in the first post. Learn… Continue reading One Week of Work

Goals for 2014

Did you make any New Year’s Goals or Resolutions? I like the word goals better because it is something to work toward rather than saying I have to do it.  That means if I mess up, I can just get right back up and start off again, rather than giving up because I broke my… Continue reading Goals for 2014