Five Years

This is a picture of me, five years ago.  Five years ago, I had a surgery on my arm that was supposed to stop the tingling from a pinched nerve and prevent nerve damage.  Five years ago, that surgery damaged my nerves and sent my autonomic nervous system into a tailspin.  Five years later, I’m… Continue reading Five Years

Rare Disease Day – All About Stickler Syndrome

General Information The rare disease I live with is Stickler’s Syndrome, Type III (formerly hereditary arthro-ophthalmopathy) as a result of a mutation of the COL11A2 gene. Because of a genetic flaw, my collagen strand is weaker than normal.  This affects hearing, vision, facial development, and joints. Stickler Syndrome is so rare that it doesn’t even have… Continue reading Rare Disease Day – All About Stickler Syndrome

Goodbye Gallbladder, Hello Trust

Remember the nausea and related problems that contributed to my medical leave of absence in February?  Turns out it wasn’t the flu, an IBS flare-up, or even another kidney stone.  As my symptoms continued and even became more severe I started seeking some answers and thus some help.  My gastroentestinologist did a few tests including an EGD which showed… Continue reading Goodbye Gallbladder, Hello Trust

Photos of Enjoyment – April 6-9

April 6: After my mom bought a pie crust, disappointing my newly found skills at pie crust making, I decided to make a crust and turn it into ickles.  Ickles are a pie crust rolled into a rectangle, covered with a layer of brown sugar and cinnamon, rolled up, and baked. April 7: After experiencing… Continue reading Photos of Enjoyment – April 6-9

When Good Plans Go Bad

It can be frustrating when you have ideas for your life that just don’t work out how you planned.  As part of academic advising, I had things all planned out, I knew what classes I was going to take when.  In spring of 2013, I would graduate with a Bachelor degree in Neuroscience.  Everything looked… Continue reading When Good Plans Go Bad

The Liebster Award

I am incredibly honored to have recieved the Liebster Blog Award from Chris Dean who blogs at Life Your Way.  “Liebster” is German and means favorite or beloved.  The point of the award is that it is given to blogs that are somewhat less known.  I’ve noticed this among other blog awards around, but never… Continue reading The Liebster Award