Glasses Memories

One of my first memories is of sitting at the dining room table, next to one of my grandparents, peering through the edge of the large glasses he wore, amazed at how different the world looked.  I got my first pair of glasses at three years old.  As I grew older, my eyes got progressively… Continue reading Glasses Memories

Goodbye Gallbladder, Hello Trust

Remember the nausea and related problems that contributed to my medical leave of absence in February?  Turns out it wasn’t the flu, an IBS flare-up, or even another kidney stone.  As my symptoms continued and even became more severe I started seeking some answers and thus some help.  My gastroentestinologist did a few tests including an EGD which showed… Continue reading Goodbye Gallbladder, Hello Trust

I’m a Mutant

It has been suspected (jokingly) that I’m a mutant creature, now I have the genetic proof of it.  And with the proof comes a new diagnosis.  I guess I really need to start at the beginning of the “story” since I haven’t posted about it publicly much since I didn’t know exactly what would become… Continue reading I’m a Mutant

Count Your Blessings

After a friend, Kylee, was hospitalized after a particularly scary series of dystonic attacks and still chose to post 10 positives for the day, I decided to follow suite and post a list of my own positives.  I also found this very appropriate quote which reminds me of the old hymn “Count Your Blessings.” Download the full… Continue reading Count Your Blessings

A Beautiful, Encouraging Video

I don’t usually share videos, but this is too beautiful not to share.  It certainly brought a smile to my day and I discovered the song in my head as I go through the day doing things that are difficult.

When Good Plans Go Bad

It can be frustrating when you have ideas for your life that just don’t work out how you planned.  As part of academic advising, I had things all planned out, I knew what classes I was going to take when.  In spring of 2013, I would graduate with a Bachelor degree in Neuroscience.  Everything looked… Continue reading When Good Plans Go Bad

I Am Still Me

This poem came to me in an e-mail from a blog called How to Cope with Pain. It really captures the idea of the fact that in spite of the pain, in spite of all that has happened in my life, I am still who I was, I am still me. My dreams may have… Continue reading I Am Still Me