Attack of the Mustard Shirts

Saturday, I arrived my car was swarmed by a herd of student leaders wearing the mustard yellow shirts. They attacked my stuff and carried it all into my room in just a few minutes. Of course, my room didn’t look so pretty, in fact, to try to photograph it, I had to climb over stuff!

Monday was orientation to nursing fundamentals, and I must admit that it was all a little overwhelming but exciting at the same time. We bought our syllabus for the course, which happens to completely fill a 1-inch binder! I don’t think you can help but to look at it and say, “am I really going to learn all that stuff in just 15 weeks?!” Tomorrow I have my first Chemistry and Anatomy and Physiology classes and I’m a little nervous – this is going to be a very busy semester, especially if I struggle with chemistry as much as I did in high school.

I had my first “real” chapel this morning. Chapel is a little like a church service and we are required to attend three times a week. Because my clinical day overlaps with one of the chapel days, I am exempt from one, but still have to attend the other two. The building is larger than the one at my previous college, which I really appreciate because the sound has more places to go rather than vibrating all around. I’ve decided I’m going to work on desensitizing myself to the bass vibration by slowly trying to acclimate my arm to it. I’m starting by using my TENS, but will decrease the intensity and time, and hopefully work up to being able to truly worship without being constantly distracted by my arm.

Today was busy, I took my TEAS test (nursing entrance exam) and got either a 86% or a 94%, I couldn’t quite make out the results. It took over two hours and I was very tired of sitting by the time I was done. Though my arm was hurting a bit more than usual, I decided to go over to the music hall and see if I could borrow a euphonium to join one of the campus bands. I’m glad I did, because I have a euphonium to borrow and I have an audition tomorrow. I’m not sure which band I’ll be in exactly, but I’ll know more tomorrow hopefully.

Tonight, I spent time working in my room, and I am nearly finished organizing everything. In fact, I’m almost scared about how organized I am right now, at least my room. My schedule is a little chaotic now, but I’m doing my best to write everything down and keep track. I’ve noticed the more stressed I am, the more pain I have, which means I forget more, which means I stress more. I must remember to relax and keep track of what I need to do at the moment and let the future fall into place. In the meantime, here is a picture of my room tonight, far more organized than before!

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