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I picked up three new pigs (and found three pigs new homes) this weekend.  They are mine, but will eventually be returned or replaced with better offspring.  I’m pretty excited to see what sort of babies Mr. Jingles throws as he is a decent boar and the sows are pretty strong in his weaker areas.  They are also from the same lines so should be compatible.

The four seem to be getting along quite nicely, there are little scuffles here and there, but for the most part, they are content with each other.

The first sow is Lovey, a decently marked sow with a nice round head that I hope passes down to the offspring instead of Mr. Jingle’s more wedge shaped head.

The next sow is Lightfoot, who is a mismarked red (out of a red and a TSW).  She has lovely deep depth of color and her former owner is hoping that the deep red will pass on to the babies.  She has nice ears and a good head, but could use a bit better crown.

And last of all, we have Suzy, a beautifully marked sow with a decent head. She has a lovely pattern on both her back and her belly, but her ears are both high and small.

And, finally, Mr. Jingles, the first pig to be born at Liberty Acres.  This boy is adorable, spoiled, and somewhat famous.  He has nice markings, an excellent crown, good ears, but lacks in his head and hindquarters in my opinion.  Though he has three legs for a Grand Championship, he can’t be registered as I wasn’t given a pedigree on either of his parents.

I will be showing Mr. Jingles, Suzi, and Lightfoot both in their individual classes and as a Breeder’s Herd this weekend in Canada and I’m looking forward to seeing how they do and hearing others comments on them.

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